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Discover The Easiest and Most Accessible Way to Relocate to Canada This Year 2023...

Without Writing IELTS or Paying an agent

This same system helped over 200 Nigerians and others secure admissions, get scholarships and relocate successfully to Canada in 2022.

What's to learn in this video training?

  • Mistakes people make that causes denied admissions and visa and how to avoid them.
  • How to get admitted into affordable universities.
  • A detailed breakdown of how much you would need for the entire process
  • How to sponsor your education by securing Funding/Scholarship.
  • How to relocate regardless of your age or marital status.
  • and many more

Testimonials from students who used our system have helped to Japa

If you want to travel to Canada through the study route, then, look no further than Seyi’s Naija to Canada Japa System, it really works.

Oge - Nursing student

One of the easiest ways of coming to Canada is through the student route and the means that can surely help you is the Seyi’s Naija to Canada Japa system.

Tofunmi - Business student

I’d like to let you know that the No Hassles Naija to Canada Japa System truly works that’s how I got here. See you soon in Canada.

Stephanie - Nursing student

Ready to achieve your relocation dreams?

With too many people talking about relocating to Canada even those who haven’t travelled out before…If you’re serious about moving to Canada wouldn’t you rather listen to someone who has done it and helped many others achieve the same? Sign up below to get access.

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About the host, Seyi Obasi

(Top Rated Relocation Consultant)

Seyi has seen it all. From several denied Visa applications from UK, Australia and also Canada to finally relocating to Canada on her second try, to becoming a Permanent resident and now helping thousands of people achieve their dreams of relocating.

In a quest to help more people tap into the opportunity, she has put all the strategies in easy to follow blueprints that are practical, affordable, and very effective.

seyi obasi

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